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Puppy Love Therapy Dogs, Inc.

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Our History

Puppy Love Therapy Dogs, Inc. was formed in 2001.

Our dogs had been going to schools, nursing home and other places, doing what our dogs do best. Making people happy as they make their visits. In 2001, a group of us decided to form a therapy dog group so we could focus on some special programs we wanted to make available. We also wanted to continue our obedience training using the clicker training model. In order to pursue those goals, Puppy Love Therapy Dogs, Inc. was formed. We all appreciate the positive influence of the human-animal bond and want the activities to be FUN for our dogs and the humans involved.

We typically go to about 2-4 visits per month. Our dogs have been working together some for many years and others only a few months.

Our human members include teachers, nurses, business professionals, human service professionals, dog trainers, breeders and groomers. All that is required is love of dogs and a desire to share your dog with others.

Dogs must be registered through one of the nationally recognized therapy dog organizations. It is the responsibility of each owner to make sure they conform to the rules of that organization.

All the dogs must have health certificates, annual vet checks to insure they are free of diseases or parasites, be well behaved, friendly and well groomed. Our dogs are purebreds and "designer dogs". Any dog with a great temperament and a desire to meet people is a candidate.